Full House Special

October 2nd, 2016

Now that they've rebooted Full House, the boys decide it's probably time to revisit the classic series and review the pilots of old and new. Are they terrible? Are they hilarious? Good questions. Time to answer them!


Batman v Superman

April 25th, 2016

Owen and Curtis take on the brave and the bleh with Batman v Superman! Do they love it? Do they hate it? Well, yes. They hate it. This should not be surprising.


Seinfeld: Episode 15

August 20th, 2015

Owen and Curtis finally finish Season 5...in about as long as it took to air!

  • 82-83. The Raincoats
  • 84. The Fire
  • 85. The Hamptons
  • 86. The Opposite

Seinfeld: Episode 14

April 22nd, 2015

The year is 2025. Owen and Curtis start a podcast about Seinfeldbot, a sitcomzoid written by and starring futureplicants.

These are the episodes they telepathically communicate about:

  • 77. The Dinner Party
  • 78. The Marine Biologist
  • 79. The Pie
  • 80. The Stand-In
  • 81. The Wife

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

December 23rd, 2014

Happy Holidays, Four Camera Flashback fans! Owen and Curtis travel to a different continent this episode, to review a classic version of A Christmas Carol with Great Britain's Rowan Atkinson. They may also be visited by three ghosts, played by people who absolutely are not them.


Seinfeld: Episode 13

November 27th, 2014

Whaaaaat? Owen and Curtis have a podcast?

Yes. It's real, and it's spectacular. The boys return with a new edition in the Seinfeld library, continuing with some of the most memorable episodes of Season 5.

  • 71. The Non-Fat Yogurt
  • 72. The Barber
  • 73. The Masseuse
  • 74. The Cigar Store Indian
  • 75. The Conversation
  • 76. The Stall

Boy/Girl Meets World Special

July 23rd, 2014

It's hard to believe that 21 years have passed since the premiere of Boy Meets World, and yet here we are...with a crappier show. Owen and Curtis go through the pilot episodes of both Boy Meets World and Girl Meets world. You'll never guess which one is the awful and horrendous abomination, or which of the two hosts is writing this summary!


Seinfeld: Episode 12

June 27th, 2014

Owen and Curtis have a special guest podcaster this week: our old friend Hartley! Dedicated listeners might recognize him from our Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days. On this episode, the three amigos (or should that be los three amigos?) tackle the first six episodes of Seinfeld Season 5!

  • 65. The Mango
  • 66. The Puffy Shirt
  • 67. The Glasses
  • 68. The Sniffing Accountant
  • 69. The Bris
  • 70. The Lip Reader

Seinfeld HuffPo Special

June 12th, 2014

Recently, The Huffington Post published their list of the top 16 best Seinfeld lines of all time. Curtis and Owen decided, what better way to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the ending of Seinfeld than by reviewing that very list.


Seinfeld: Episode 11

May 22nd, 2014

The end is nigh! (Of Season 4, that is.) Curtis and Owen tackle the final six episodes of what Owen calls "the best candy in the world." No, wait. Not candy. Season of Seinfeld.

  • 59. The Implant
  • 60. The Junior Mint
  • 61. The Smelly Car
  • 62. The Handicap Spot
  • 63 + 64. The Pilot